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By Veronica Leon, Editor/Publisher Macaroni Kid N Scottsdale-PV June 3, 2021

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Date Night for the Win!

How often do you get date nights with your spouse? Is it a regular event or an “as available” kind of thing? 

We try to do date night as often as we can, but then COVID-19 hit and our options were minimized or not available. So, when this opportunity was offered, and we felt comfortable to move on, we jumped on scheduling a sitter so we could enjoy date night. 

As expensive as date nights can be, I’ve found them to be absolutely crucial to maintaining my own sanity, reconnecting with my husband, and just having a fun, grown-up time out. 

Parenthood is a great journey, but don’t forget the partner and companion who is with you through this journey. So, we scheduled a very overdue, much-needed, and well-deserved date night and College Nannies + Sitters provided that peace of mind.

College Nannies + Sitters

College Nannies + Sitters is a sitter and nanny service that provides our families with much needed assistance. This opportunity allowed us to experience additional options of care services we have available. It was an easy process to schedule a sitter, or “role model.” They are referred to as role models because their focus is to impact families positively with their services. 

To schedule a role model, download and go to “My Sitters” app, select the day, and a list of available personnel will appear. After choosing the role model, let them know what time, and hit submit. 

We had the opportunity to chose Tatum. Tatum was just as her description stated -- energetic and passionate. A day prior to our scheduled date, Tatum called me to introduce herself and ask me a few questions in order to be well prepared. Since we were going on a date night, her questions were simple: what time are the kids going to bed, do I need to make them dinner, is there anything she needs to know before coming over? She made the conversation simple and comfortable. 

Endless Hours of Fun!

My experience with Tatum and College Nannies + Sitters was great. Both Tatum and College Nannies + Sitters were reliable, prompt, and easy to work with. I found relief in having a role model around so I could enjoy some quality time with my husband.

My 9- and 3-year-olds had endless hours of fun with Tatum. From outside playground fun, hot wheel racing, and balloon hitting, even our puppy Bingo got some playtime with the sitter. At the end of our sitting services, Tatum left us a “Sitter Report,” letting us know their creative play, food the kids had, and a special note. 

I would highly recommend College Nannies + Sitters to any one who is in need of childcare, whether it's for an extra pair of hands, help while you get on your to-do list, or if you need that date night, take advantage of this service to help you out and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. 

#Sponsored by College Nannies + Sitters. I received compensation in exchange for my honest review of the service. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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