About The Publisher: Veronica Leon


I'm Veronica, Editor/Publisher of Macaroni Kid N Scottsdale-PV & S Scottsdale-Arcadia and local Mom of two with a passion for promoting all things Scottsdale and making strategic connections for small business owners. 

I love to provide local fun and information when it comes to entertaining, educating and so much more. As your personal ambassador I love sharing your products and services with thousands of Macaroni Kid Fans as well as extensive network of hundreds of small business owners and other in the Scottsdale community. 

My publication provides a variety of articles, local business information, giveaways, guides and more to help make your planning easier. 

I hope you find my Macaroni Kid N Scottsdale—PV: NScottsdale.macaronikid.com  useful.

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